A VPP Training Aid Bringing Fun Back To Learning!!!

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*Client example of a Lingo Wall

Safety Cultures Through Creative Learning!

Getting You Ready for your VPP, ISO, Certification or Re-certification!!!

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The Safety Lingo TM learning system was developed to create an engaged learning environment within your facility. 


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5in. x 7in. Safety Lingo Card

Your Safety Lingo Kit comes complete with:

  • Detailed But Simple Coordinator Manual and Site License 
  • High Quality Reusable Lingo Cards (One per employee)
  • Same High Quality Reusable Definition Cards (for posting on information boards in your facility)
  • Peelable Lingo card stickers


This is custom printing all the way! We don't create the cards until you pick the words which can include company terminology and acronyms. 

We will discuss your goals and assist you in picking 75 terms for your game cards. We will help you determine the best way to incorporate the system and play the game. And we are always just an email away for all your questions!

Need more info or to Order simply call (731) 334-1685 or email John @

Program Cost:

  • Perpetual Site License ($200.00)
  • 1 Program Manual (Included) ($20 each additional Manual)
  • Lingo Card + Reusable Stickers ($5.50 per employee)
  • Definition Cards $2.00 ea. (75 min. required, add an additional 75 cards per posting location)
  • Shipping & Handling - based on UPS shipping weight

Example* 100 employees with one definition posting location = $900.00 +SH

​It's Just that Simple! A custom Learning system that fits your needs!

Safety LINGO TM is a new twist on an old favorite. This innovative learning system engages employees like never before. Through the desire to win, employees are challenged to learn terminology as it is applies to their work environment.

Safety LINGO is an extremely versatile tool, which can be implemented at any level of an organization. It is so versatile that it can be used fo
r OSHA, EPA, VPP, Quality, or any other site/process specific terminology.

LINGO cards can be changed at any time when new terminology is needed! Words and definitions are literally UNLIMITED!

Participants are ultimately engaged for the thrill of competition and winning! 

A Continual Learning Process

The program is designed to keep employees engaged daily through interaction and competition. The game is based on a selection of terms deemed relevant to "your" operation. It can be a mix of terminology from operations, quality control, safety, environmental, VPP, Human Resources, etc. At least twice a year a new list of terms should be created to keep the game fresh. This also allows an organization to promote/train employees on the latest programs through continual exposure.

Once a list has been developed the employees are presented the terms and definitions through initial kick-off/safety meetings as determined by each organization. A master list of terms with definitions is always available for review whether on closed circuit television, department information boards, or at the PLANT LINGO WALL.


Then the new SAFETY LINGO cards are distributed and the learning begins!

Rewards, Recognition & Prizes
Prizes are left to the imagination of the facility! It’s just that simple!

Company Wear

Break Room Credits
Gift Cards
Points/gift program
Hard Goods (TV’s, multi-media, anything allowed by company policy)

                                                                                          ...its endless! 

Each round is played until a LINGO is reported to Management/ Supervision, HR or Safety. Then it begins all over again the next regular shift. Play it by department, by shift, or by facility. The key is to keep the employees engaged creating a culture of proactive participation!

                                                          The SAFETY LINGO TM Card

The Safety Lingo program is U.S. Copyrighted. As such game cards are only available through EHSPR as listed on each Site License. An EHSPR representative will assist each organization in compiling their list of terms each program year or when requested. The cards will then be created and delivered to the company for distribution. SAFETY LINGO Cards can be designed with a “company logo” at the top. The Card itself is 5 squares by 5 squares, with a free space in the center, and made of a glossy finished material for durability.  The spots (stickers) used to “daub” a Lingo term are re-usable.