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Global Physical Security

Having over 30 years security experience of both military and industrial application allows EHSP to assist clients in assessing their physical security needs. Globally work place crime and violence have never been more prevalent than we find today. Our mission is to offer the best recommendations that won't financially break the client while meeting their security needs. We do not represent any independent electronics supplier so our evaluations are not biased; looking for additional revenue from vender collaborations does not exist. We have our clients best interests in mind. From physical to biometric systems, a secure facility with a secure employee population is our goal!

Security Surveys

A Security Survey is a thorough physical examination of a facility and its operations with respect to personnel and company assets. We review the potential and existing risks you face, while examining the measures that are currently in place to protect them all in an effort to mitigate liability. Vulnerabilities we identify allow us to make recommendations for physical security improvements. This is applicable for new locations or existing facilities, particularly after a loss or incident has occurred.

Security Audits

Our Security Audit differs from the security survey in that we assess whether an existing security system and procedures are meeting your current facility needs. We evaluate the administration, coverage, controls and employee integration with the system you currently have in place. This is an invaluable overview tool for your senior management.

If you have physical security concerns, please contact EHSPR today!