EHS ​Professional Resources


EHSPR has experience in managing environmental impact through best technologies, permit management, new construction/expansions, site assessments/reclamation and recycling practices.

Programs managed have experienced millions saved through hazardous & non-hazardous waste reduction, elimination,

material substitution, and recycling initiatives! (one company, corporate wide - $4 Million saved)




We have the experience in waste stream analysis, material substitution, production enhancements, and waste minimization. If you have an issue we may have the answer! ​EHSPR continues to help clients discover innovative ways to reclaim raw and spent materials in an effort to minimize waste while enhancing profitability.

EHSPR can help identify potential recycling partners in order to find solutions to excess landfill waste. 

  - Recyclables include but not limited to:
  - Pallets/Scrap Wood
  - Plastics
  - Paper Products
  - Metal/ Plastics Drums
  - Fiber Drums
  - Bailed Cardboard
  - E-Waste
  - Laser/Metal Cutting Dust
  - Reclaimed Powder Paint
  - Solvent Substitution
and more...

EHSPR has even transitioned clients from traditional oil absorbents to recyclable "Higher Quality Absorbents". Companies who have transitioned away from disposable sorbents have experienced an estimated 25% plus reduction in cost for the management of reclaimed oils, and the end of land filling sorbent materials.  

Benefits of recycle sorbents include: 
  - Reduced Landfill

  - WasteOil is Recycled - Protecting Future Natural Resources
  - Reduced Liability
  - Reduced Permitting Requirements


EHSPR can even assist clients in optimizing their storm water programs, assuring the return one of the world’s most precious resources back to nature as intended.


Ask about our small business"Green Energy Audits", helping pinpoint energy loss and improving building efficiency.


From $110,000 a year in Sanitary landfill cost to $15,000 a year after our help! (One example)


Lean & Green initiatives, let EHSPR show you how!