EHS ​Professional Resources


Incident Oversite and Expedited Response

A crises can happen at the most inopportune times when executive leadership and corporate decision makers are unavailable.​  As an independent consultant the ability to respond in a matter of hours can assure customers that the right decisions are made as early as possible meaning the difference in hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars in unnecessary expense and liability. Whether a client is in need of an expedited initial response, an initial environmental/clean-up assessment, or Incident oversight as a third party manager/auditor,  EHSPR has the clients best interest in hand. 

EHSPR specializes in helping companies prevent and manage clean up of hazardous and non-hazardous incidents. Whether you’re facing a 10 gallon chemical spill or a 10,000 bbl crude oil spill, EHSPR can provide hands-on support and guidance throughout the process. EHSPR's capabilities include a broad range of incidents including petroleum, chemical, or other hazardous materials spills resulting from vehicular accidents, derailments, aviation incidents, abandonment, natural disasters and industrial facility accidents. 



Emergency Response Training

Taught by "real-world" instructors on site using your equipment! Why? We believe hazmat  and emergency responders have to be familiar with their own equipment, not the "training equipment" used by traditional training consultants. This assures a professional response in the event of a spill or release or rescue without endangering responders due to a lack of equipment knowledge! We do have training props to challenge students!

- Confined Space Rescue 8-Hr Refresher $150 (Group Rates for groups of 10+)

OSHA’s 1910.120 HAZWOPPER TRAINING (Group Rates for groups of 10+)

- Chemical Spill Response Awareness Level                 4-Hr  $75.00
- Chemical Spill Response Operations Level                 8-Hr $150.00 
- Chemical Spill Response Technician Level                24-Hr $395.00
- *Chemical Spill Response Incident Command           16-Hr $300.00
* Must have completed Operation Level Hazardous Waste Site Worker Training
- Chemical Spill Operations Level Refresher        4-Hr  $75.00 

8-Hour Hazardous Materials Technician Level Refresher ($150) 

 This 8 hour class is designed to satisfy 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(8) annual refresher training requirement for personnel trained for emergency response to hazardous materials incidents. This class reviews the basic requirements and current regulations and techniques associated with emergency response to hazardous materials incidents. Through the use of "real world" scenarios and hands-on exercises. Target Audience: All personnel assigned to hazardous materials response are required to attend yearly refresher training.  

8-Hour Industrial Incident Command ($150)

This course is a basic Incident Command training program for all-hazards approaches particularly geared toward industrial and municipal situations. The scope of this course is limited to those standards, laws, and regulations that apply to the brigade or department member regarding command at various types of incidents and serves to establish the foundation necessary for additional levels of training.

This course is designed to bring personnel to a level of training where they will be able to understand the roles, duties and functions of Incident Command and Incident Management Systems. This course meets the Presidential Directive HSPD-5 requiring federal, state and local governments to implement a comprehensive incident command system. Upon successful completion of this course the student will be well positioned to pursue additional Incident Command / Incident Management Systems training.

Format: This course consists of lectures, classroom demonstrations, presentations, and table-top exercise simulations.