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Professional Incident Investigator

One of the most difficult situations that an employer can face is a serious work place accident. The more serious the incident, the more daunting the situation. From minor injuries to catastrophic loss we have the industrial experience you need when analyzing causation, correlation, or validity. 

Accidents are usually related to the work environment, process, or human failure. However, experience has taught us that the potential for fraudulent, monetary gain, does exists. This is why incidents must be carefully analyzed in order to establish causation and validity. After 25 years of performing investigations in various industries, we understand process, systems, and human interaction.

Very few individuals in safety are professionally trained investigators. Having graduated from the U.S. Army Military Police Academy in 1984, Dr. Wells excels as a professional incident investigator. If you have a tough case, need an in-depth investigation (based on root cause analysis), or want a second professional opinion, call us as soon as possible!