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The Awareness Of Ethical Business Practices Has Become A Global Focus 

As cross-cultural growth expands due to globalization, the perception of ethical behavior invites increasing scrutiny as society witnesses the changing global community. This ever-changing environment of demographics and globalization of the 21st century challenges managements professional commitment, ethical reasoning, and their belief in regulatory compliance. In 2012 Dr. Wells completed a ground breaking study as the first in his field to effectively identify and measure the levels of Professional Commitment, Ethical Reasoning, and the Belief in Regulatory Compliance among Safety Professionals.

Cultural Climate AnalysisTM  (CCA, Level I Survey Deployment)

As a benchmark, this same system has now evolved into a comprehensive application (CCA) where by corporations can effectively measure these same aspect among all levels of management. For any organization to attain sustainability, growth, and industry leadership, a firm grasp of these core values among management teams must be evaluated. The CCA instrument will measure your organizations perceptions of: 


- Safety Management Competencies
Management Commitment  

​- Rules Observance, and

- Moral/Ethical Reasoning

Cultural Climate AnalysisTM (CCA, Level II Site Audits)
Level II allows us to conduct a detailed review of individual facilities and sites, as identified by the client. Through additional program analysis we are able to able establish the current level your company's business/safety culture has attained.  

CCA (Level II) will also evaluate: 
   ·   New Hire Programs
   ·  Training systems
   ·  Incentives
   ·  Committees
   ·  Discipline Policies, and
   ·  Management Support

The CCA evaluates the often-overlooked root systems, which directly affect the company culture.  A company can have an extensive written program but lack the participation and support needed to succeed.

What to Expect

The CCA (Level II) will take between one to five business days per facility depending on the company size and management structure. Those interviewed will include:

     · ​Plant Manager/Owner/ Presidents/Vice Presidents
     · Production Manager
     · Human Resource Manager
     · Department Managers​

     · Supervisors
     · Safety Committee Members

The CCA Report produced will determine strengths and weaknesses which will assist management in establishing progressive goals and a sound business/safety plan. Have the satisfaction in knowing that…EHSPR can then assist management in creating a culture based on ethical safety systems and productive management techniques. 

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How effective is your safety program?

Ask yourself! ​

  1. Do employees try to identify hazards?

  2. Are trends discovered before incidents occur?

  3. Do department managers support change?

  4. Can you measure safety without using compensation or incident rates?

  5. Have past programs produced long lasting results? 


If you answered “No” to any of these questions then EHSPR can help! 

We are board certified Safety & Health Professionals having over 50+ years of combined experience managing programs in manufacturing, petrochemical and construction industries.  We have managed using the top programs of the last decade.  

Knowing what works and why has created a safety system that when implemented correctly becomes nothing short of a common sense, productive way of doing business.    

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