Environmental Health & Safety Professional Resources






EHSPR uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct comprehensive EHS and Cultural Audits.

EHSPR monitors Key Performance Indicators at set  intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation of program initiatives from start to finish.

We identify technology, training, and processes to take your team to the next level. 


OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – Petrochem to manufacturing. 

Our professionals are certified, degreed, Occupational Safety & Health Professionals. We specialize in Program Management, Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Change, and much more. Check us out!

Corporate Programs 

  • Motivational Lectures
  • EHS Management Analysis 
  • Benchmarking
  • Professional Mentoring
  • Corporate Initiatives​
  • ​Leadership Development
  • ​Program Enhancement
  • Compliance Assistance

Has your organization's safety performance plateaued?

Lagging facilities or divisions? Do your EHS Managers need HELP!

We are not your "Average Safety Consultants". We are your Next

Level of Professional Resources for Executive Management around the World! 

Who We ARE 

We are Board Certified Safety Professionals who have managed programs in manufacturing, petrochemical and construction industries. We have managed using the top programs of the last two+ decades. ​Knowing what works and why has created safety systems which are nothing short of common sense and productive.   


​We take the time to listen and understand your business so EHSPR can have the greatest impact.  We believe in partnerships and won't waste your time on services you don’t need.  Every client is different and we tailor our services to your needs. We always provide detailed outlines of our solutions to be implemented and how success will be measured. These solutions will be simple, targeted, and cost effective to fit your needs.


We will provide the highest quality, most cost effective EHS expertise in a professional, supportive and ethical manner. We have your best interests in mind.

We pride ourselves in knowing our profession which translates to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, based on winning attitudes.

Our systems have and will make a difference

providing superior EHS management solutions which simply makes our clients smile!